Kai Chun | 27, Dancer/Choreographer; Linz

For me, all theatre arts such as dance, drama, music, puppet show, etc… It will not be a single of art. This fusion of multiple art performances constantly stimulates our senses. Maybe we will be attracted by the superb dance skills, but what touches me is the relationship between the performer and the work itself.

Oct 2015 I watched the work „May B“ from Maguy Marin (1951) at the National Theater of Taiwan. I will not talk much about the content of the piece itself here. After five years, I still remember the complicated feelings after the performance. Don’t get me wrong no matter how you feel from the art you only need to be honest to yourself and think about it.

Maguy Marin grasped every detail and timing of the work very accurately so that the audience had enough time to imagine for themselves and come back to the theatre. She combines literary and philosophical texts and uses music carefully (hearing sense). The sincerity and truthfulness of the dancers impressed me the most.

I often think about how much training and life experience it takes to become a performer before I can find my self-worth and maturely interpret the concept of role or creator. During the performance of „May B“ many moments make me feel my sore nose, sigh, tearing up, laugh.

What I feel is not only the characters/story in work but also the identities of the dancers themselves, so in addition to performing, they are also telling their own stories and facing the various forms of community building, conflict and opposition, and the pursuit of loss. I felt they are negotiating with the work in the performance. As a performer and choreographer, I always think that if you can freely shuttle between characters and individuals, then you must be in the moment believe in performing and who you are.

„May B“ is a very mature and complete work with strong theatre characteristics and clear structure. It uses movements to tell the story. Every dancer’s movements have their internal rhythm.

It would be impossible for me to say only one moment moved me by art, but it is delighted to be able to feel art and create and share art.