Ludomir Franczak | 46, Artist; Lublin/Poland

thank you for the proposition. it made me think of different experiences, that i’ve been through – an art that made this deep impression on me and of course i could bring up few things – like Forced Entertainment shows or Silver Mount Zion concerts, or Aby Warburg Mnemosyne seen live, but i do think that all this is a mix of the art itself and our knowledge and expectations at the very moment that we see/hear/feel it. so i do not think that this kind of experience is something that you can share with anyone. The moment you describe it, it suddenly becomes something ordinary. you realize that it was special then, but it is often nomore, and that somehow it is too personal to share it, especially in such an impersonal medium as the internet. this is exactly what art tries to create – an immersive feeling, a certain kind of connection between art/artist and the viewer. i find it hard to transpose through the internet somehow. still trying to find a good way to build this kind of relation, though. i think that sound helps a lot, so maybe a sound experience is best to include. but then when i think of it, i realize that the most remembered (maybe because it was most recent) experience for me was at Athens during Easter 2019, when i heard the bells ringing in the city throughout the whole day, and when i went to the cemetery and heard an orchestra playing. i could imagine a small soundwork that tells about this experience along with an instruction of how to listen to it, but then it would be a cultural experience since the bells are rather part of religious celebration than the art-world.